Where are they now? The boats of the Boat Parade

roosevelt-clippingOn July 4, 1917 the Government Locks were officially dedicated and the event was marked by a great celebration highlighted by a parade of some 200 vessels led by the Roosevelt. Many local yacht clubs participated in the days’ festivities and some of the boats taking part in the display are still sailing, some in local waters.

With the centennial of the Locks coming up in 2017, the Friends of the Ballard Locks decided to search for those 1917 parade participants. They began with an article from the Seattle Daily Times which listed the 83 boats which passed in review before the Roosevelt while she was moored in Lake Washington. Documents from the Queen City Yacht Club added the names of their members’ vessels which took part in the parade. queen-city-yacht-club-roster

Two of the parade boats are still in the area, the Honey Boy and the Glorybe. The Zina, tragically, was destroyed in a fire several years ago; she had participated in previous anniversary celebrations of the Ship Canal and came just short of reaching the centennial.boat-d

The group has uncovered when many of the boats were built, where they were built, 1917 ownership, etc. but their current whereabouts is elusive. With help from the public, they hope to locate others which were part of the 1917 festivities so they can be acknowledged for their historic significance during the Centennial in 2017.

A list of all known boats from the day is on our blog

If you have any information about these boats or would like to chat about what we have found so far, please contact Susan.